KÉZMŰ Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.


Our wide range of products is recommended for professional and amateur athletes, and even for schools..

In addition to various types of balls, these products include supplementary sports equipment and products of our own manufacture, such as protective nets, goal nets and ball carrying nets. Further details: www.winnersport.com

We have been making traditional hand-sewn balls since 1953. We introduced the brand name ‘Winner’ in 1990 and the range of these products has been growing ever since..


Ukraine • Slovakia • Slovenia • Greece • Moldavia • Belarus • Romania •


After manufacturing products under contracts for domestic and foreign partners, we entered the Hungarian and the international market with our own label, BILL’S design collection. We engaged young designers with extensive knowledge of the current market conditions and demand, to design BILL’S leather bags.

The BILL’S CITY LINE is a collection of designer bags of a unique style meeting the requirements of businesspeople. The raw materials and Italian accessories used for manufacturing the bags represent the highest quality, also in terms of their functionalities as well, in the domestic and international markets alike. The development of new product families is a continuous design task.



With decades of manufacturing experience, we manufacture durable, high quality sorghum brooms for household and industrial use, from carefully selected raw materials. We also manufacture PVC brooms. We take care of the entire manufacturing process, from the selection of the input materials to painting the handles, to making the finished products.
Our products are also available through large multinational enterprises (e.g. OBI and major Western European distributors).


Our product portfolio meets market demands for both household and professional products in terms of quality and product range alike. Our main products include medical nail brushes, spiral brushes, shoe brushes, DIY brushes, car care brushes, clothes brushes, household brushes, cleaning and scrubbing brushes, brooms, yard, road, and pavement cleaning brushes.


Household paper

Our company is a major manufacturer of paper products for institutional use. Major products: single ply and multiple ply napkins, toilet papers, hand wipes, tissue paper and other hygiene products (e.g. medical bed sheets). We prepare packaging units containing the required number of finished products; the customized packaging can be added at the customer’s request. Paper napkins can be ordered with specific unique design.

Plastic products

Our plastic processing plant produces bags, sachets, garbage bags, foils and food packaging materials ranging from 8 cm wide tubes to products with up to 6 m circumferences, and from 10 microns to 200 microns in thickness, using new and recycled polythene (PE). To meet specifications regarding graphic design, we use a 4-colour Flexo printing machine.